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Yoga Transformation for the Bridezilla

Posted on August 6th, 2014 by Liz Mahlich

May of 2006, on top of the Grand Canyon, Benji, asked me to marry him. Thinking back, it was quite brave of him to propose on the edge of a large canyon. Not sure if he was shaking because he was nervous I would say no, or if he thought I would push him off the cliff! In all seriousness, it was one of the most magical days of my life. I actually don’t remember what he even said to me as he pulled out the ring and went down on one knee, my heart was beating so fast I could barely hear anything! Of course I said yes, and we spent the next few days together enjoying the feeling of being newly engaged.

Engagement Ring Grand Caynon  Engagement  2

Flash forward a few months and I had gone from the sweet girl who was relaxed and in love to a Bridezilla!  How did this happen? My fiancé wondered where that girl whom he proposed to was! (I bet he was wishing we were on the cliff so he could push ME off!)


Why do we do this to ourselves ladies?  We put so much stress into planning our wedding day that we completely forget how to live in the moment and enjoy being engaged.  If I would have only discovered yoga a few years earlier, I may have been able to kill the bridezilla!


It wasn’t until after I was married that I really got into yoga. I always thought of it as a bunch of skinny flexible girls showing off with splits and handstands. Oh, was I wrong. I had taken a few yoga classes here and there, but didn’t start going regularly until I walked into Shanti School of Yoga in Traverse City, Michigan. By that time, I had two kids and life was a bit stressful. I felt overwhelmed with planning doctors appointment, playdates, cleaning house, and all the fun things on the Mommy To-Do list. I wasn’t really enjoying my life or living in the moment. Kelly Stiglich, one of the studio’s owners, was my first yoga instructor at Shanti. She opened my eyes to the beauty of yoga and taught me that it isn’t just a physical practice, but also a mental and spiritual practice.

Shanti Yoga

Yoga at Shanti

After being a member at Shanti for two years, I’ve grown so much in such a short time. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to slow down, relax and appreciate the life we are blessed with. So easy to say, so challenging to do.  I highly recommend yoga to everyone, especially a stressed out bride! You may feel like you don’t have time for yoga, but what you will realize is that yoga doesn’t take time, it actually gives time. It teaches you how to stay in the moment and take care of yourself so you can be the best person you can be for yourself, and for those you love.


At the end of the day, my wedding turned out lovely and we had the time our lives. I just wish I would have enjoyed each and every moment of being an engaged couple rather than being so stressed about the process to become a married one. In the big picture of life, being engaged is such a small window of time, but I think it is a truly important time in a relationship. My advice to all brides, enjoy the wedding planning process and enjoy your time with your fiancé before he becomes your husband. Life is full of planning and hustling around. Enjoy life and live in the moment.

Benji and Liz

Photo credit to Alicia’s Eye
I’ll leave you with this beautiful mantra, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, which translates to ‘May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.’   Namaste.