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Posted February 13th, 2015 by Liz Mahlich & Rayan Anastor

Today we have a guest post from an amazing photographer, and good friend of mine, Rayan Anastor. She is truly an amazing photographer, specializing in Frankfort Beach Photos, and has really sweet editing skills. Very unique style indeed. Her great personality is an added bonus! Please consider Rayan for your wedding photographer.



Sunsets.  Lighthouses, turquoise and blue-green water, lakes, bluffs, sand dunes, forests, fruit orchards, vineyards, golf courses and more.  These are just a few of the splendors that can be found in the Beulah/Frankfort area.  I grew up spending summers in Frankfort on Lake Michigan.  We spent time on our boat and outside enjoying the beauty of the area .  We boated on Lake Michigan, explored each of the little ports, ran through the sand dunes, and spent a great amount of time swimming in the lakes.

When my husband and I were engaged in 2004, we immediately knew our wedding celebration would be here in the Frankfort area.  This was the location for us to celebrate our marriage.  When you spend time here, there is something magical that begins to wrap around you.  We have a feeling of comfort, peace and love that is evoked when we spend time in the Frankfort area.

We had an average size celebration.  An afternoon barbecue followed by a ceremony on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.  The evening was spent at a local restaurant on Betsie bay.  It was perfect for us!

Fast forward 8 years….  My husband and I had three adorable children, twin 3 year olds and a 1 year, who absolutely LOVE spending time in Frankfort.  In February of 2012, I had a fleeting thought:  what would I like to do in addition to staying home with our children.  Without a blink of an eye, the answer was – Photographing weddings and families in the Beulah/Frankfort area!  That spring I was off and running with a full time photography business photographing weddings, engagements, families and seniors. I was in love with the area all over again by photographing the love of others. 

As I have been photographing weddings over the past two years, I have found that there are vendors in the area that LOVE helping brides and grooms create their amazing wedding day because they have the same love of the area and approach to weddings as I do.  Upon meeting Liz and Jamie at Crystal Lake Weddings, I knew any wedding I photographed here would be special.  Their care for the clients as individuals extends into the care they put into creating an incredible memory on your wedding day. 

So, as we begin 2015, I am so looking forward to all of the wonderful people I will meet, have the opportunity to work with, and all of the couples and families that invite me into their lives to capture those special moments of love and laughter.  Below are some beautiful photographs of couples taken celebrating their engagements and wedding.  I hope you enjoy viewing them and allowing them to remind you of how incredible it is to spend time in this area, and to have a wedding here as well!

45 JanelleMark 2014 Eng

Brengman Brothers Vineyard Wedding | Rayan Anastor Photography | Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom at the Boathouse | Rayan Anastor Photography | Old Mission Wedding Photographer Couple in forest for Engagement | Rayan Anastor Photography | Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Frankfort Michigan | | Rayan Anastor Photography | Michigan Engagement Photographer 9

Frankfort Michigan | | Rayan Anastor Photography | Michigan Engagement Photographer 15


Lake Michigan Dune Engagement Photo | Rayan Anastor Photography | Traverse City Engagement Photographer  Northern Michigan | Rayan Anastor Photography | Michigan Engagement Photographer

The Homestead Glen Arbor | Rayan Anastor Photography | Michigan Wedding Photographer 15