Crystal Lake Wedding Coordinator: Liz Mahlich

Posted on May 9, 2014 by Liz Mahlich


Organized, dedicated, and empathetic are probably the best words to describe me. Although I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Michigan State University, my real passion is helping others. Whether it is sharing nutritional advice, motivating friends and family to try yoga, or coordinating a birthday party for one of my kids, I love to be helpful and creative. As a financial analyst for Michigan Department of Treasury in Lansing, I was more interested in the networking aspect of the job. I started a team building committee, coordinated fundraisers, and planned office parties. Anything to get me out of the cubicle!


In 2011, my husband was offered a promotion allowing us an opportunity to relocate to Traverse City, Michigan.  At the same time, I was able to become a stay at home mom for the first time.  After being a full time working mom,  this transition was a welcomed change. Having this opportunity in Northern Michigan, near one of the most beautiful areas in the nation, was just an added bonus. Summers are now spent camping out in Benzie County, enjoying Crystal Lake, participating in many of the local festivals, and just exploring downtown Traverse City.  We enjoy skiing in the winter and spending time in Bellaire at Shanty Creek Resort. I feel so blessed to have this special time with my kids, ages 6 and 8, who are growing so fast!


As much as I loved my new role as a Stay at Home Mom, I was craving an opportunity for a creative outlet and adult interaction.  We happened to live in the same subdivision as the Keillor Family, who managed Crystal Lake Golf Club. They were gearing up for their second wedding season, which was to be much busier than their first. Jamie Keillor was looking for an Events Coordinator to help her with all the details that go into planning each and every event.  I jumped at the opportunity to do what I was passionate about and to have a job that I truly loved each and every day.


As Crystal Lake Golf Club’s Events Coordinator, I am able to hone in on my creativity while helping brides and grooms with all the details to make their wedding day everything they had envisioned.  Before the ceremony and/or reception is even booked, I’m there to provide information about our venue and other area vendors. It’s my job to maintain strong relationships with area Caterers, DJs, Florists, Bakeries, and Hotels in order to feel confident in recommending their services to brides and grooms.  Many of our events are destination weddings, so our couples need all the information they can get about Benzie County and local vendors.  We work very hard at creating and maintaining our prefered vendors list, which is key to helping brides and grooms make informative decisions.


Once a wedding is booked, I’m there to work with the bride to help them coordinate all the details and answer any and all questions they may have to plan their wedding day.  Some brides I rarely hear from, while others I hear from weekly. A month or two before the wedding, I meet with the couple to help in anyway I can to make sure they are comfortable with the details of the event and that their details are carried out. Whether it is putting the bar list together, or giving advice on decorations, I’m happy to help in anyway I can.
The day of the event, Jamie and her staff are at the tent bright and early, making sure all tables, chairs, decorations and details are laid out. I arrive 2 hours prior to the event to prepare the bar staff and to check in with all the vendors to ensure the wedding and reception are coordinated seamlessly. As guests arrive, I make sure they have everything they need and direct them to their tables, gift table, and bar as needed. I love the special moment when the couple is announced into the reception as husband and wife to their onlooking friends and family ( I’ve been know to cry in the corner during the toasts)! It is magical to feel the love of a newly married couple and the support of their family and friends around them, sharing their special day. A beautiful and rewarding job indeed.

Family Photo Traverse City

Photo Courtesy of Alicia’s Eye

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